Churrasco Experience

Churrasco is skewered barbecue art used in Brazil for centuries. The meat is traditionally placed on skewers and grilled on open flame charcoal rotisserie for perfect succulence. We serve this mouthwatering culinary art in the Rodízio manner. Rodízio style serving brings a wide variety of different cuts of beef, pork, chicken, lamb and vegetarian skewers, all served directly and continuously to your table. There is no ordering or waiting, just sit back relax and flip to green to enjoy as skewers and side dishes arrive to your table. The Passadores (meat carvers) will be regularly serving deliciously grilled meats straight from the charcoal rotisserie.

We are opening Tuesday to Saturday from 5:00pm until late

NOW open Sundays.


ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ & SIDE DISHES Tuesday to Sunday Dinner $54.90 adult

Vegetarian $39.50

Children 6-10 yrs HALF PRICE! Under 6 yrs eat for FREE!


Side Dishes

Tuesday to Sunday Dinner from 5:00pm

Polenta Frita - Polenta Chips (df/v)

Mandioca Frita - Cassava Chips (df/gf/v)

Queijo Frito - Cheese Sticks

Banana à Milanesa - Crumbed Banana

Arroz Temperado (gf/v)

Brazilian style rice, seasoned with garlic, onion, fresh vegetables and raisins

Salada de Maionese Potato Salad seasoned with homemade mayonnaise

Farofa (df/gf) Roasted cassava root flour

Salada Verde (df/gf/v) Fresh green salad mix, with homemade dressing

Prato do Dia Chef`s choice dish of the day



Beef MenuBEEF

Picanha Brazilian traditional rump cap cut

Picanha ao Alho Brazilian traditional rump cut, seasoned with garlic

Costela de Boi Beef Spare ribs

Alcatra Rump Steak


Coxa de Frango Chicken drumstick, marinated in barley malt

Coração de Frango ( must try ) Chicken hearts very tasty and traditional skewered barbecue in Brazil, marinated in barley malt

Medalhão de Frango Chicken breast, wrapped with streaky bacon


Cordeiro Lamb leg, marinated


Lombo de Porco Tender pork loin

Medalhão de Porco Medallion wrapped with streaky bacon

Barriga de Porco Pork belly

Chouriço Apimentado Spicy Chorizo

Linguiça Homemade sausage


Linguiça Vegetariana Vegetarian sausage (on request)

Churrasco de Vegetais Selection of vegetables skewered and barbecued (on request)

Abacaxi com Canela ( must try ) Skewered pineapple barbecued with cinnamon


Vinagrete Thin tomato slices, fresh local herbs, lemon juice and olive oil

Chimichurri Green sauce, red chili pepper flakes, fresh local herbs, vinegar and olive oil

Molho de BBQ Homemade BBQ sauce